Japanese Poetry Cyanotype Atelier

You will explore the ancient technique of Cyanotype as reinterpreted by our creative masters Dimi and Yuko.

Meet The Artists


Dimitri is a visual artist based in Kreuzberg (Berlin) working in the fields of photography and printing. His interest in analogue photography and its interaction with painting arose during his studies in the fine arts department in Kunstuniversität Linz, Austria.


After working with publishers and gaming companies for 5 years, Yuko shifted her career to become a visual artist in Berlin. For her, Cyanotype is a great way to transform a digital image into real life. Yuko is excited to share her knowledge about digital negatives and the science behind Cyanotype with you.



Cyanotype is a 170 year old photographic printing process that produces prints in a distinctive dark greenish-blue. The word cyan comes from the Greek, meaning “dark blue substance.”
The process was invented by Sir John Herschel, a brilliant astronomer and scientist, in 1842.
However, Herschel did not use cyanotype for photography, but for reproducing notes. It was a family friend, botanist Anna Atkins, who used the cyanotype printing process in 1843 to create an album of algae specimens. She created the images by placing objects directly on photosensitive paper. She is regarded as the first female photographer.

Check Your Toolkit

We have selected the best tools and designed your tool box in collaboration with the artists to lay the ground for your creations. 

Set Up Kit

1 X Pair of eco-friendly gloves

1 X Apron

2 X Workspace protective papers

Creative Channel

4 X Cold pressed papers

4 X Hot pressed papers

Key Tools

1 X Foam brush

1 X Cyanotype chemical A (2gr)

1 X Cyanotype chemical B (0.8gr)

3 X Contact frame sets with 2 black clips for each

1 X Pipette dropper bottle (containing 20 ml of distilled water)

Creative Set

1 X Tea blend of green and black tea

1 X Digital negatives with 3 parts

1 X Set of dried lemons

1 X Set of dried flowers

1 X Black marker 

Exhibition Support

1 X Hanging vertical support

1 X Gold clip

Set Up Kit

Creative Channel

Key Tools

Creative Set

Exhibition Support

Tips From The Artists

Here some of Dimi & Yuko's secret tips for this atelier

Atelier Info &

The atelier is adapted for beginners and the approximate duration ranges
  from 2 to 3 hours. We recommend to start during the day as you will require the sun light to expose your prints.

Keep Your Chemical Longer

If you want to keep the chemical mixture for approximately one week, you should keep it in the fridge. Once you are done, you can dispose the liquid by diluting them with enough water and pouring them down the drain.

Expose Your Craft
Under The Sun

When the paper is exposed, make sure it is close to a window where UV light (sunlight) can be reached

Cyanotype Chemical Dosage

For 20 ml of distilled water you will require:
CHEMICAL A containing 2 gr ferric ammonium citrate 
CHEMICAL B containing 0,8 gr of potassium ferricyanide 
When you start your craft, make sure you don't apply too many chemical drops when you coat your paper

Questions & Answers

Don't forget to sign up for the live Q&A session with our artists. You will be able to ask any additional questions and tips to polish your craft! Don't worry if you can's make it, you will still be able to access the content from your Craftspace. 
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